New Single "Onelin"

December 2018

The Single Onelin is part of the upcoming Inoula EP which comes with music videos for each track. Today, the Single is available on all platforms including Spotify, iTunes or Apple Music as well as on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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Breakwater - Official Movie Teaser

June 2018

Check out the Trailer for the upcoming short film Breakwater, directed by Daniel Strauss. I produced the music for the trailer and the final mixdown was provided by Sound Engineer Moritz Monorfalvi.


I finished the score for the movie and will present some scenes soon.

Agent Kelly - Official Movie Trailer

March 2018

I wrote the Trailer music for the upcoming feature film "Agent Kelly", directed by James Smith and produced by Rayafilms. You can watch it here.

I'm currently in the process of scoring the entire Thriller in which a female assassin who avenged the killing of a friend becomes the hunted.

Do You Love Me - Official Movie Trailer

February 2018

This is the Trailer for the upcoming short film "Do You Love Me", directed by Fione (Fionefilms).


It tells the protagonist's journey through her experiences of gaining and losing trust, being deceived and abused and finally maybe feeling hope again.

I wrote the music for both Trailer and Film. Once the final polishing has been finshed, it will be presented on Film Festivals across Europe. You can watch the trailer here.

Showreels 2017

January 2018

I created a few Showreels in different moods to showcase some of the music I released in 2017.

The topics are Dramatic, Mysterious & Dark and Emotional.  All tracks used in these Reels have been released by different publishers.

The full versions of the tracks are available under Music.

New releases soon

December 2017

EMI Production Music has signed 4 tracks for a forthcoming album.

The music will consist of minimalistic and atmospherical elements which I reduced to the absolut minimum of what is necessary, yet still creating the most emotional impact possible.

I'll be very happy to present them in the next weeks and I'm looking forward to work on new music to be published by EMI.

Soundtrack for "Breakwater"

November 2017

I'm happy to announce that I will be writing and producing the soundtrack for the new film by Daniel Strauss.

Breakwater analyses a conflict entangled within the essence of what it means to be human.

You can find more information about Daniel here. Make sure to watch his hilarious How To Have A Good Day which was produced as part of the 99 Fire-Film Award 2017.

"The Offshore" featured in "Don't Crack Under Pressure - Season 3"

November 2017

The third and final part of this documentary directed by Thierry Donards' trilogy has been released. It captures the wildest moments of extreme sports in astonishing and breathtaking shots taken all over the world. 


My track The Offshore (Warner) has been featured in this film. The official trailer does not contain my music. 

Forthcoming album releases

November 2017

In 2017, I have been mainly focussing on producing albums and developing my own musical style for a total of 9 different Publishers.


So far this year, I released on Warner Chappell PM, Massive Talent, 411 MusicgroupIntervox and Flippermusic.


The forthcoming and finished albums for the next months will be published on Twisted JukeboxEMI Production MusicBleach Productions and Brilliant Music.

Mysterious Journeys

October 2017

Earlier this year, I released my first album for Warner Chappell Production Music, Mysterious Journeys. 

I recently started working on the second album and am in the process of playing with different concepts.

New Publisher added

September 2017

Brilliant Music is a London, Soho based publisher producing original music for Film, TV and New Media and will be releasing an album of 11 tracks later this year. 

I'm curious to see what productions these cinematic tracks will be pitched for.

I will be presenting them as soon as possible.

Hear some pieces signed to Massive Talent

August 2017

I signed a few tracks to Massive Talent, an agency part of Massive Music that is connecting independent musical artists to global Brands, Commercials, Games, Films and Series.

Feel free to listen to The Bird's Cage, Holding On and Dazed By The Light.

Listen to tracks licensed by 411 Music Group

August 2017

411 Music Group is a L.A. based Publisher working with HBO, Netflix, ActiVision and others.

I'm happy to add a total of 10 tracks to their internal catalogue of music being presented and pitched to their clients. 

Feel free to have a listen to Alchemy, Myriads and Symmetrie Of A Moment.

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